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Mystery of Motion - Thea Tetus
Fragments of the Lost Parmenides

"The uninitiated believe nothing
is real, except, what
they can grasp with their hands.

They don't admit actions, processes
or anything they can't see
with their eyes to be real;

but others who hold these secrets
into which I'm going to initiate you
are refined and subtle:

The first principle is, that
the entire Universe is motion,
waves, and nothing else.

All things are motion, and in motion,

although there is quickness or slowness in their motion.
All things move like flowing streams.

And all things are in process of becoming
as a result of movement, and change,
and of a blending one with another.

We are wrong to speak of any thing as being,
For no one, ever is - but are always becoming.

All things are, so to speak, the offspring of
a flowing stream of change.

The hot fire which generates and controls all things
is itself - generated by movement.

Further, all living beings are born
by the same processes.

And just as a healthy condition of the body
is undermined by non-movement,

but is greatly preserved by motion,
so is the mind kept from degeneration

by motion of activity.
Thusly, motion controls the flow of all life,
and is a necessity for all of life."


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The above verses are from the 'lost' pages of the Parmenides - Theia Tetus. The complete Parmenides, e.g. The Way of Truth, was originally taught by female sages/poets/muses: in ancient BCE

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Ancient space and other ancient mysteries